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Here's a bit about our story...


In 2018, members of the Faith in Action and Witness for Justice Committees at the Church of the Red Rocks chose homelessness in Sedona as their project. The Church held a well attended public forum for area organizations to better understand homelessness challenges and the scarcity of local services. An option to offer cold night shelter at the church proved unviable because of resistance from area residents and fire code restrictions. 


 After meeting with the homeless liaison from the Sedona-Oak Creek School District, Committee members learned that at any given time there are 20-30 homeless children attending school in this district. Consequently, they applied for a Community Development Block Grant (CBDG) in December 2018 through the City of Sedona. Hope House was awarded the grant in January of 2019, providing seed money to move forward with a home for unhoused families.

Under the leadership of John & Gale Lothrop, and a Steering Committee, The Board of Directors was established including teams to manage fundraising, community, interfaith alliance, resident services, and volunteers.  (The Founding Board Members/officers were John Lothrop (President), Amy Andrews, (Vice-President), Gale Lothrop (Secretary), and Sergio Mazza, (Treasurer).


After exhaustive efforts to find a suitable and affordable lot while complying with the terms of the grant, the City of Sedona facilitated the purchase of the current lot, a critical first step to construct the home. The construction contract was awarded to Tierra Verde Builders of Camp Verde. With generosity and heart, they constructed a beautiful home.


Hope House Walk-through narrated by John Lothrop

The many challenges involved with new construction and home furnishing became more manageable with tremendous support from local businesses, artists, and donors. Under the Lothrops’ capable leadership and tireless efforts of many volunteers, local organizations and churches, despite the challenge of navigating a pandemic  (Covid-19), Hope House of Sedona became a reality in April 2022.

Today...We are stronger than ever in Our Core Values, and continue to maintain the Hope House with the help of our wonderful staff, and generous contributions.











1. Homelessness is often temporary and can be overcome with personal healing, educational assistance, housing, and employment.

2. We accept the need to be accountable through appropriate structures for achieving our high standards of competence and performance, done so in love and with dignity.

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