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What is Hope House?

A project that began within The Church of the Red Rocks, this effort to help the homeless families with children in Sedona has quickly gained the support of the wider community. At any particular time there are 20-30+ homeless children in the Sedona-Oak Creek Unified School District. Please take a look at our site and see what we’ve done so far, what’s still on our list of “to do’s” and consider the ways you might help.

Artwork by Sedona Red Rock Junior High 7th and 8th graders

Our Vision

Our Mission


A temporary home for Sedona’s most vulnerable children

Providing Hope for Sedona’s homeless families

We're Making Progress!

Hope House has purchased a half acre property on which to build Hope House of Sedona. We selected a builder in January 2021 and look forward to opening our doors at the end of the year. See our most recent update for more details about our progress toward providing transitional housing and meals for Sedona's homeless children and their families. 

Stories from Sedona’s Homeless Children

“My Mom finally escaped an abusive relationship and took us to a safe place. We stayed at the Verde Valley Sanctuary for as long as they could let us. They set us up in some temporary house which was a great help, but after their financial help ended we couldn’t find a place to rent that we could afford, so now my two siblings and I live with our Mom in our car. Mom gets us to school every day at West Sedona Elementary even though that’s hard sometimes.”