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June 2019

Updated: Jan 24


We have some exciting updates regarding Hope House of Sedona to share. First, we submitted the HUD grant application on Friday, May 31st. That was a lot of work and a huge accomplishment! Now, this may be confusing to some of you if you thought we already applied for and were awarded the grant. At the end of January we were award the Community Development Block Grant by the City of Sedona. These funds come from HUD, so our proposal must meet HUD standards and approval before any money is awarded. The grant application to the City was relatively uncomplicated compared to what had to be done for HUD. It took many people and many hours of work to get that ready for submission. Thanks to all who contributed in that huge task.

What’s next, you might ask? We expect to hear from HUD in about a month after they have had time to review our application. At that time, they will follow up with any additional inquiries they might have. In the meantime, we will start to put the pieces in order to have an environmental review done on the property at 2250 Shelby Dr. The environmental review is a requirement of the grant and must be done prior to any money being given. We will also start the process of gathering bids for the cost of the houses and their set up. As part of the grant, we are required to gather a minimum of 3 bids on any work we have done.

We are excited by all the alliances we have forged with other area organizations: Catholic Charities, Verde Valley Homeless Coalition, Manzanita Outreach, Angie’s House, AZ Sonshine, Old Town Mission, Sedona-Oak Creek Schools, Spectrum Health, Lion’s Club, Verde Valley Sanctuary, Flagstaff Shelter Services and some of the Sedona area faith communities. We continue to reach out and develop new relationships and partnerships. It is exciting to have such a diversity of people reaching out to assist the most vulnerable in our community.

In the last update, I mentioned AZ Sonshine, a project of the 7th Day Adventist Church. I am pleased to announce that we are moving forward with them and are going to be able to provide transportation for our 31 homeless children and their families to their free health care event in Prescott Valley in the middle of June. Additionally, we have been approved to have one of their clinics in Sedona in the fall of 2020. Their events provide free vision, dental and health care to anyone. There are also other services they might provide, depending upon the resources of the area: haircuts, massages, diabetes screening, addiction counseling, mental health counseling, etc. Just as a head ups, we will need many volunteers to assist with this event!

In the previous update, you learned about the wonderful and talented 7th and 8th graders in Sedona who were working on a logo for us. We took their ideas and asked one of our marketing team members to design a logo for us and we now have one! It beautifully incorporates some of the students’ major themes and the stunning colors of Sedona. With this done, we are able to move forward with our marketing materials.

Watch for our new web site to be up and running around the middle of June:

Many thanks for your continued interest and support as we watch our dream become a reality. To date, we have raised $93,280.

Gale Lothrop, The Church of the Red Rocks

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