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February 2021

Greetings to everyone,

Things are beginning to move at a faster clip with Hope House. In January’s update, I mentioned the $100,000 we received as a matching 1 to 1 donation. With the help of a $60,000 donation, we reached that match and met the challenge! We now have the funds to sign a contract to begin work on the house. We are currently working with the builder and draftsman to design a floorplan and are still in the midst of negotiating the price.

The fundraising for Hope House will now take a new course. Yes, we have money to build the house. No, we do have sufficient funds to open the house. Before we can open the door for residents, we must have money for furniture, appliances, landscaping, operating funds, and all the other items that make a house a home. With landscaping, we are talking about moving earth, a possible retention pond, driveway, and rock. It is much more than a few plants.

Below is a picture of the Hope House lot as it currently looks. As we move forward, I will update you with pictures so you can track the progress.

We are hopeful that homeless families with children in Sedona will not have to spend another winter in the cold in their tents or cars. Instead, they will be able to move into Hope House if they choose.

Because Hope House is not yet open, some families are currently spending the cold nights outdoors. As we have previous winters, we have been able to put some of these people up in hotel rooms on the worst nights. When we hear about families that need this care, we are always scrambling to find money and housing. To better address this situation as it arises, we have decided to start the Hope House Emergency Shelter Fund. We are asking businesses, community groups, individuals, organizations, and congregations to consider contributing to this fund. If you are reading this, we are asking for your help.

We know there are other entities in Sedona who assist with this, but we thought it might be more practical if the money and organization to reach out to were in one place. That way, anyone who knows about a need can contact Hope House and we can take care of it. If you wish to donate to this fund, you need only write a check to Hope House of Sedona and put Emergency Fund in the “memo” space on the check. You can mail that to Hope House of Sedona, 54 Bowstring Dr., Sedona AZ 86336. If you prefer to donate on-line at our website,, you can add a note that the money is for this fund. While you are at it, take a look at our new and improved website.

All donations to Hope House are most welcome and will go to assist families who are in need of a “hand up.”

Thank you for your caring and support. We look forward to continuing to update you as we enter this exciting phase.



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