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Denise Kulawik is Hired as Hope House Manager

Denise received her B.A. from the University Professors Program at Boston University where she studied under the poet Rosanna Warren. While continuing to pursue her creative interests, Denise established a career in nonprofit fundraising and management, working extensively in areas that include healthcare, public health, economic-, community-, and sustainable development, the arts, arts education, and arts-based community development. In addition to her background in nonprofit fundraising and management, she has also served as an on-site, residential facility manager in Long Beach, CA, for a for-profit real estate development firm.

Creatively, Denise is chiefly a dramatic writer. Her original screenplay, D(a)emons, was a semifinalist in the 2017 ScreenCraft Competition and was optioned by New Globe Films. While serving as our House Manager, she will continue work on a number of scripts and developing her own production company. Having fallen in love with Sedona many years ago, she is extremely excited to be relocating to one of "the great, most beautiful, and most vibrant places to live" in the U.S.

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